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We know that the LPIC-1 or CompTIA Linux+ certification is a hot topic for you. Thats why we give away 100 Gold subscriptions for FREE! Each video about Linux we created will bring you step by step closer to the desired certification.

This campaign starts at March 27 and ends at March 29 – 2013

Here is how to get one of the free plans:

– Go to our site at

– Search for the Coupon Code that is hidden somewhere on our sites (Code starts and ends with a “P” like: PxxxxxxP)

– Switch to the subscription page and choose for “Gold” subscription plan

– Click “Save and go to payment info” button

– Fill in your data and click “next”

– Fill in the Coupon Code that you have (hopefully) found on our pages

– Click on the actualizing button for the Coupon Code (should be on the left side close to the Code itself). The Code should be recognized by the system.


You may study the first month completely for FREE and cancel your subscription at any time! Use the certification training programs, watch our videos about Linux as often as you want end even download our additional PDF files.

Did I say that we give away 100 FREE plans only? Hurry up! First come, first served!

Have fun with our Linux tutorials!

PaulPaulito_icon öffnet sein Portal für alle Video Produzenten zum Thema Open Source, ein führender Anbieter von eLearning Lehrmaterial im Open Source Bereich, kündigt heute die Öffnung des Portals für alle Video Produzenten zum Thema Open Source an.

“Von jetzt an wird es möglich sein Deine Videos in unser Portal zu setzen, dort Dein Profil und die von Dir produzierten Videos in angemessener Form zu zeigen”, sagt Mario Hartmann, CEO von ist ein Appell an alle die schon lange nach einer adäquaten Möglichkeit suchen ihre Videos rund um das Thema Open Source zu veröffentlichen.

“Das Portal für freie Autoren zu öffnen stellt einen signifikanten Schritt in Richtung Themenvielfalt dar und birgt ebenfalls interessante Möglichkeiten für die Open Source Community sich auf eine neue Art und Weise zu präsentieren”, sagt Jurgen Spoor, Content Manager von

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Opening of the portal to all producers of videos about open source topics

Today we announce the opening of the portal to all producers of videos about open source topics.

Now it will be possible to upload your videos about Linux and other open source topics at the portal. At, video producers can now create their own profiles and effectively organize their videos.

This is an “open call” to anyone looking to distribute their video tutorial content on open source topics.

“Opening the portal to third-party authors is an important step for, as well as for the open source community in general”, said Jurgen Spoor, Sales Manager. “In this way, we will be able to offer a wider range of topics to everyone who is interested in learning more about open source technologies.”

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20 Free GOLD subscriptions

Today, we are announcing a giveaway of twenty (20) free one-month GOLD subscriptions. The subscriptions are being offered on a first-come, first-serve basis to anyone interested in learning Linux or preparing for a certification like LPIC-1 or CompTIA Linux+.

The following Coupon Code PP07032013G will be valid from March 7 to March 9. To get one of these free GOLD plans, follow these steps:

– Go to, and click on the button for a GOLD plan subscription.

– On the first payment page, insert your address, continue to the next payment page, there you will see a field where you can fill in the coupon code.

– Fill in the coupon code and then click the button to apply the coupon. The code will be recognized by the system without having to enter any credit card information (no credit card is needed to claim your free subscription!)

– If you like our screencasts, spread the word!

Have fun!


NEW Partner from

It is a pleasure to announce a new partnership with Carrera Linux.

About Carrera Linux:

CLA Linux Institute. IT training institute pioneer in teaching open source technologies in Latin America. Founded in 1998, creator of the Linux CAREER proposal for the formation of network administrators in open source technologies in Argentina.

Leader in e-learning in SL for Spanish speakers. CLA uses only open source software for all their teaching approaches.